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A Brief Review of “Ozark Main Street” by Toni Bentley

Ozark Main Street

Ozark Main Street is a story about a young blind boy who was raised by his grandmother because she thought he would never see. For the next 30 years, he was told stories of that man with the big nose, a father who died before his eyes, and other people who died before they got to see what it was like to see. As a result, his only remaining means of communication was letters and photographs from those who did live and hear the stories of his grandmother.

I read this book to my son in an American history class last year. It gave me ideas for ways to improve communication skills and provide him with an idea of why we need to save money and budget for the future. I encourage parents to read these types of books as young children to learn about the history of this country.

The reason I found this book so interesting is because it is what I consider family tales. It is not a straight-forward story, but instead has elements of many different stories.

Each character has their own unique ability. The boy is born blind and a few months later, he is told he has perfect vision. His grandmother tells the story of when he was brought up blind so she would have someone to care for her and a family to lead.

What does this story mean? It is a story about how two completely different people were brought up to act in totally different ways. He was raised by his grandmother because she thought he would never see and didn’t want to bother with him because she didn’t know he was alive. He was told he would be able to see when he grew up and he was afraid he would be disappointed and think his life was lacking.

This is a great story to teach about the human condition. It may take more than one person to teach about this subject. It is an important topic and we can’t afford to ignore it because there are so many challenges for today’s youth.

When you put these stories together, you get an educational tour of Ozark, Oregon. At times, you’ll meet the people who did live and hear the stories. You’ll also meet the descendants of people who were the stories’ main characters. They have a valuable perspective on the past and a story to tell.

Finally, you’ll see the end of the course through the lives of the people who lived in Oregon town. You’ll see how the towns changed from small settlements to now-tiny cities. You’ll see how the economy grew and how those folks provided goods and services. You’ll see how those people felt about the decisions they made and learned from them.

Although it is an American history class book, it is also an excellent story for adults. There is something to be said for the wisdom of an older adult who has lived it.

Having used this story to inform my class on urban development and planning, I am even more excited about this book for parents. It will give you ideas for a savings plan and how to plan for the future.

This is a fantastic way to learn about Oregon town history and what its future holds. It is also a great story and lesson for adults.

“May Day” is an excellent book and a great story, told in the reader’s perspective. If you are planning to use this book for teaching or reading for yourself, I recommend it highly.